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Available with us is wide range of Egg Collection Systems that is obtained from leading market vendors. These products are favoured in the market for their technical and simple construction. The use of our range facilitates handling and carrying the eggs carefully; in a systematic manner.
Expulsion system offers gentle removal of hens from nest
Reduces dependability on manpower
Absorbs egg broken during transport process without damaging other eggs

Egg Transport belts: in woven polypropylene are standard. Reinforced polypropylene is used for very long cage systems. The belts are not sensitive to temperature or humidity variations and should not need re-tensioning once set. Eggs from the cages: roll at low speed, over a floating wire-mesh floor with slope 7º, onto the collecting belts without crowding into sports. At the side of the cages are guided by a plastic sleeve in the weld mesh hand age. Egg Belt Drive: Consisting of one drive roller coated with vulcanised non-wearing rubber with a diameter of more than 100 mm (4”) and one pressure-roller in polypropylene. IN THE EGG COLECTING MACHINE.AND CENTER SOFT DRIVE ELIVETOR TO CARRIED EGG UNLODER TABALE. MACHINE DRIVE 1HP.3PH. REARED MOTOR. 1.5MTR/MIN / 5350EGG PER HOUER 5TIER /10LINE .